Pictures - June 2008
a) Denis+David - The Brothers First.JPG
b) Mary Lee (ML) First.JPG
c) Pad Thai Dinner.JPG
d) ChinaTown-LA (15+16 June).jpg
e) Best Western Dragon Gate Inn.jpg
f) Dragon Suite.JPG
g) David Enjoying Movie Mr.Bean.JPG
h) (MOVIE)Our Dragon Suite.jpg
i) WalkingDistance-ExpressPavilionRestaurant(BambooPlaza).jpg
j) Alex+Ceasar (Cell-Phone Picture).jpg
k) Michael+Beatrice+Mei (Cell-Phone Picture).jpg
l) David in conversation with Diane+Ron Surak (Cell-Phone Picture).jpg
m) MJ next to David (r) and Mr. Wong (l)  (Cell-Phone Picture).jpg
n) Yep ;-) (Cell-Phone Picture).jpg
o) Typical Chinese Meal (Cell-Phone Picture).jpg
p) Marianna+Juana (Cell-Phone Picture).jpg
q) Beatrice+husband Michael (Cell-Phone Picture).jpg
r) Juana+husband Ceasar (Cell-Phone Picture).jpg
s) Everyone Driving Back Home (Cell-Phone Picture).jpg
t) And We Walked Back To Our Hotel;-) (Cell-Phone Picture).jpg
u) Mondaymorning 16June.JPG
v) DragonSuite Waking Up.JPG
w) Goodymorning In ChinaTown.JPG
x) Breakfast In Alley (Cell-Phone Picture).jpg
y) Grinner ;-).JPG
z) Hotel + Breakfast Alley.JPG
za) Hill Street Cafe.JPG
zb) Just Underneath Our HotelRoom.JPG
zc) North Hill Street.JPG
zd) On Way Back Home - Visiting Mom.JPG
ze) and Ducky ;-).JPG
zf) Mom Chatting away.JPG
zg) Her Favorite Subject-The Neighbors ..;-).JPG
zh) Coupe Weeks Later - Ducky Has A Little One ;-).JPG
zi) The Ducky's Philanthropists.JPG
zj) Mother and Daughter in-law.JPG
zk) Mother and Son.JPG