(May 2012)
Books .. the way how we do it
a) Livingroom-books Mirjam.JPG
b) Livingroom-books Mirjam.JPG
c) Livingroom-books Mirjam.JPG
d) Livingroom-books Mirjam.JPG
e) Livingroom-books Mirjam.JPG
f) Livingroom-Current (Non-Fiction) Books On SideTable (Both).JPG
g) Livingroom-Current (Non-Fiction) Books On SideTable (Both).JPG
h) Livingroom-Mirjam's side of CoffeeTable.JPG
i) Livingroom-David's side of CoffeeTable.JPG
j) Office-Books,Mirjam's side Behind Mirror(+Miscellaneous).JPG
k) Office-Books,Mirjam's side Behind Mirror(+Miscellaneous).JPG
l) Office-Books,Mirjam's side (r) Behind Mirror.JPG
m) Office-Books,Mirjam's side (r) Behind Mirror.JPG
n) Office-Miscellaneous+Books,Mirjam's side Behind Mirror(r),And David's (l).JPG
o) Office-Books,David's side Behind Mirror(+Miscellaneous).JPG

~ the way how we have our book collection('s) organized .. In general the rule of thumb with most fiction books once read: donated to 2nd hand stores/shops/community services etc. or in the recycle bin ~

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