Friday 4 September / Monday 7 September 2009

a) LA-Airport Arrival Hall, Friday 4-Sept-09 (Just after 4 PM).JPG
b) LA-Airport Arrival Hall, Friday 4-Sept-09 (Just after 4 PM).JPG
c) Sister+Brother (Hotel Courtyard Foothill Ranch - Nearby Our Home).JPG
d) Nice Dinner at Outback Restaurant, Lake Forest.JPG
e) Nice Dinner at Outback Restaurant, Lake Forest.JPG
f) Saturday 5-Sept-09, Going For An Errand.JPG
g) Saturday 5-Sept-09, Going For An Errand.JPG
h) Lunch + Chilling Out At Home.JPG
i) Lunch + Chilling Out At Home.JPG
j) Lunch + Chilling Out At Home.JPG
k) Lunch + Chilling Out At Home.JPG
l) Lunch + Chilling Out At Home.JPG
m) Lunch + Chilling Out At Home.JPG
n) Lunch + Chilling Out At Home.JPG
o) End Day Climbing Up The Hill Behind Our Condo (Complex).JPG
p) Rancho Santa Margarita + SaddleBack Mountains.JPG
q) O'Neill Regional Park.JPG
r) O'Neill Regional Park.JPG
s) Overlooking Rancho Santa Margarita.JPG
t) Overlooking Cota de Caza.JPG
u) The View From Our Hill.JPG
v) What Started as a 278 Acre Land Donation in 1948, by the O'Neill Family...JPG
w) , ... O'Neill Regional Park Today Encompasses over 3,100 Acres ....JPG
x) ... of Lush Shade Trees and Shrub Covered Hills.JPG
y) Being located in the Foothills, of The Santa Ana Mountains...JPG
z) ,... Provides O'Neill Park With Fresh Running Streams and a Variety of Abundant Wildllife.JPG
za) Tijeras Creek Trail.JPG
zb) We Used to MountainBike That Trail Frequently.JPG
zc) Okay ...;-).JPG
zd) Brother Arjen in Southern California!.JPG
ze) Concluding that USA is Very Different From Europe ;-).JPG
zf) After Little Stroll On the Trail Loop Back Home Via Antonio Road.JPG
zg) In Front Of Our Home (Upper Condo).JPG
zh) Casafina Condominium Complex.JPG
zi) Casafina Condominium Complex.JPG
zj) A Little Tour Around the Area For Couple of Hours - Ending With Irvine TrainStation.JPG
zk) Sunset at Irvine TrainStation.JPG
zl) Sustainability In The USA - Electric Cars ;-).JPG
zm) Before Dinner (Thai Take-Out).JPG
zn) After Dinner ;-).JPG
zo) After Dinner ;-).JPG
zp) Sunday 6 September, San Juan Capistrano.JPG
zq) Los Rios Street Historic District.JPG
zr) The Los Rios District Lies Directly Across the Railroad Tracks From the Capistrano Depot ...JPG
zs) ...And is the Oldest Neighborhood in California.JPG
zt) Today, Although Most of the Homes are Private Residences...JPG
zu) , ...There are Many Businesses Open to the Public During Business Hours.JPG
zv) San Juan Capistrano, A Cute Tourist Town.JPG
zw) Capistrano Depot.JPG
zx) Good Timing! ;-).JPG
zy) Amtrak California.JPG
zz) The SurfLiner.JPG
zza) Quick! The Train Be Departing Shortly.JPG
zzb) Don't Go Over The Yellow Line ;-).JPG
zzc) San Juan Capistrano, A Cute Tourist Town.jpg
zzd) Moving On, With a Quick Stop in Dana Point.JPG
zze) And a Nice Lunch (Subway Sandwich) in Laguna Beach.JPG
zzf) Continuing On the Pacific Coast Hwy all the way to Venice (Beach).jpg
zzg) Checking-In, and After Nice Dinner Walking Back to Hotel, The Inn at Venice Beach.JPG
zzh) Smile !!! ;-).JPG
zzi) Back In Our HotelRooms - Our Room With View Out on the CourthYard.JPG
zzj) The Inn At Venice Beach, A Cute Hotel.JPG
zzk) Full Moon!.JPG
zzl) MondayMorning 7 September (LaborDay).JPG
zzm) David Enjoying the HotelBreakfast in the CourthYard.JPG.JPG
zzn) Hi Darling! ;-) .JPG
zzo) Later On Arjen Showed Up For Breakfast.JPG
zzp) Hi Brother! ;-) The Next Day Arjen Would Take Flight to NewYork (Bike Slam NewAmsterdam Event).JPG
zzq) We Said GoodBye and Took a Quick Stroll Along the Beach Ourselves.JPG
zzr) David Waiting Patiently (So Do The Surfers ;-).JPG
zzs) Venice Beach on Labor Day.JPG
zzt) The Pier is Okay (But the Beach-Boulevard is Disturbing ...).JPG
zzu) In Our Rental Car to Garden Grove, Labor Day Barbeque (Family First + Family Villalva).JPG
LaborDay-7Sept09 LaborDay-7Sept09

Meeting and getting to know our French Family (18 September + 6 October 2009)

Family Delpierre(- Marchand) / 2nd + 3rd Cousin of David and Denis

a) FridayEve 18Sept09 - Guy and Francois Marchand (Guy is the Son of Raymonde, Full Cousin of Odette - David's Mother).JPG
b) Meeting Them For a Couple of Hours at Their Hotel in Commerce, LA Area (French Tour Group - American Holiday).JPG
c) Tues 6 Oct09 - Meeting Jean Claude, Full Cousin of Odette, at her House in Garden Grove (Inherited by David+Denis).JPG
znd) Sebastian (Friend of the French Family, who is a Flight Attendant for Air France), Accompanied Jean Claude.JPG