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Monday 18 May - Saturday 23 May 2009

TradeGroupConference (Business Trip) - Bonita Springs, Florida at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort & Spa

a) Room With A View (Tues19May-PM).JPG
b) High Rise Condo's.JPG
c) Weather Always Changing.JPG
d) Nice+Serene.JPG
e) Boardwalk To Marina (QuarterMile).JPG
f) Boardwalk To Marina (QuarterMile).JPG
g) See Those Clouds-The Clock Is Ticking....JPG
h) MOVIE-BoardWalk.jpg
i) Still Life Of Hyatt Regency.JPG
j) He Who Knows Patience Knows Peace.JPG
k) Hyatt Regency Gardens.JPG
l) The Fontain Seen From The Garden.JPG
m) We Stayed At Room 1213 (NiceQuietRoom!).JPG
n) Back In HotelRoom.JPG
o) The Stage Is All Up To The Clouds Now.JPG
p) MOVIE-Rain+Thunder(AfternoonShower).jpg
q) Rejuvenate At Work ;-) (Wed20May-AM).JPG
r) GoodyMorning! (Thurs21May-AM).JPG
s) MOVIE.jpg
t) Peaceful...JPG
u) Serene...JPG
v) Enjoying The View.JPG
w) Very Calming...JPG
x) Refreshing...JPG
y) ThursdayEve-NetworkingEvent.jpg
z) MeetingPoint (Motorcoach To Naples).JPG
za) This Evening Camera Present!.JPG
zb) Kristine Riemer.JPG
zc) SunsetCruise .JPG
zd) Yacht,The Naples Princess.JPG
ze) Settled On The UpperDeck.JPG
zf) eeeeeee.JPG
zg) Nice Sunny Weather.JPG
zh) Rain Clouds Disappeared.JPG
zi) MOVIE.jpg
zj) Okay,Now It's In PictureMode ;-).JPG
zk) Naples Bay Waterfront.JPG
zl) Past Port Royal Mansions.JPG
zm) Coast Line Beaches.JPG
zm) Nice LayBack Atmosphere.JPG
zn) Florida,USA.JPG
zp) Another Nice Picture Of Kristine Riemer.JPG
zq) Yvette.JPG
zr) Waiting In The Line For Buffet.JPG
zs) MOVIE.jpg
zt) MOVIE (Picture In Movie Mode ;-).jpg
zu) Dinner Was Nice!.JPG
zv) Sunset.JPG
zw) FridayMorning-Last Working Day.JPG
zx) Only Morning Sessions Today.JPG
zy) This Afternoon Off.JPG
zz) Have To Go Now.JPG
zza) Byeee!;-).JPG
zzb) Another Rejuvenate Day For Mirjam;-).JPG
zzc) Surprised By Sound...JPG
zzd) And Sight Of Helicopter.JPG
zze) Looking For Something.JPG
zzf) Don't Know What,But Something.JPG
zzg) MOVIE.jpg
zzh) Friday Afternoon-Riemerweek Finished!.JPG
zzi) Afternoon Off-Exporing The Hotel Area Together.JPG
zzj) Warning.JPG
zzk) Better Not Do.JPG
zzl) Underneath Hotel.JPG
zzm) Path To Garden.JPG
zzn) Short But Very Peaceful AfternoonNap.jpg
zzo) Boardwalk To Marina.JPG
zzp) Boardwalk To Marina.JPG
zzq) Checking Things Out.JPG
zzr) Island-Ferry Docked.JPG
zzs) Alone At The Marina.JPG
zzt) Alone At The Marina.JPG
zzu) Marina.JPG
zzv) Marina.JPG
zzw) Marina.JPG
zzx) Marina.JPG
zzz) Marina.JPG
zzza) No One Here But Us.JPG
zzzb) No One Here But Us.JPG
zzzc) The Place To Ourselves.JPG
zzzd) And...Action!.JPG
zzze) Giggle;-).JPG
zzzf) Drinks+Dinner At The Corkscrew.JPG
zzzg) Cheers!.JPG
zzzh) Nice Picture!.JPG
zzzi) Portobello MushroomBurger Was Delicious!.JPG
zzzj) Indeed! All The Right Ingridients!;-).JPG
zzzk) Being Kept An Eye On.JPG
zzzl) Can I Have Some...JPG
zzzm) Mari Stops By.JPG
zzzn) David Takes A Swim.JPG
zzzo) MOVIE.jpg
zzzp) One Of The Nice Pools.JPG
zzzq) Now The Jacuzzi.JPG
zzzr) Kristine Riemer With (Adopted) Daughter.JPG
zzzs) Join Me,Mirjam!.JPG
zzzt) Okay ;-).JPG
zzzu) Dynamic Weather.JPG
zzzv) I Like It!.JPG
zzzw) All To Ourselves...JPG
zzzx) But We Better Get Going...JPG