Link to index picture gallery: our 2 weeks vacation (September - October 2008)

Pictures: August 2008 - January 2009

a) (Aug'08)-Practicing With New Camera! (Panasonic Lumix DMC-LZ10).JPG
b) Different Aspect Ratio Setting.JPG
c) David Back Home From Work.JPG
d) Good Practicing Object ;-).JPG
e) (Sept'08)-On the 241 (Outskirts of RSM).JPG
f) Portola Hills.JPG
g) 0n Portrait Setting.JPG
h) peep! (Toll Road 241 Fastrak MemberShip Scan).JPG
i) The Big Orange Balloon - Great Park Irvine (Under Construction).JPG
j) Highway 5 North, on our way to get to ....JPG
k) ... Garden Grove-Visiting Mom.JPG
l) Her Favorite Room, The Den.JPG
m) Mother and Son.JPG
n) Towards 4 PM ... Still Enjoying the Sun.JPG
o) On Way Back Home, Passing By P.O. Box in Irvine.JPG
p) Villages of Irvine-Portola Springs.JPG
q) Still Very Sterile.JPG
r) All Build Recently.JPG
s) One of the Most Recent, so Young Planned Communities.JPG
t) 241-Direction East, Driving Back Home.JPG
u) Getting Off the 241, Our MainStreet Antonio Pkwy.JPG
v) 2 min Drive From Home.JPG
w) (Sept'08) Gabor in California!.JPG
x) Posing in Front of his Rental Car (1 wk's Visit).JPG
y) ParkingLot Oggi's Mission Viejo.JPG
z) Favorite Beer Brewery (Heffenweizer!).JPG
za) And Mirjam's Likes her Red Wine ;-).JPG
zb) eeeee ;-).JPG
zc) That's a Better Picture.JPG
zd) (Sept'08) Project Genealogy of mom (Odette).JPG
ze) The End Result.JPG
zf) (Oct+Nov'08) Our StreetCorner Zoomed in - Propostion 8 Demonstrations.JPG
zg) Car Klaxons, Shouts and Slogans (both Yes and No Participants).JPG
zh) Elections 2008 - Yippy !!!!!!.jpg
zi) Hope and Progess, Change has come to America!.jpg
zj) The West and the South meet up in Lake Forest (Jay visiting his brother Tony).JPG
zk) Old buddy's (Omaha 80's - Jay lives with wife+son in Louisiana).JPG
zl) (Nov'08) Our living Room View at Dusk.JPG
zm) Christmas Decoration at the PalmTrees.JPG
zn) Makes Sunset even better ;-).JPG
zo) (Nov'08) Checking out the Damage of Bush fire in Area.JPG
zp) On the border of Orange County and Riverside County.JPG
zq) Between Corona, Chino Hills, Yorba Linda, Brea & Anaheim.JPG
zr) Possible Fire was caused by a Vehicle's Exhaust Equipment.JPG
zs) However, Investigators are Still Evaluating Evidence +  Witness Statements.JPG
zt) Freeway 91.JPG
zu) (MOVIE) After the Freeway Complex Fire.jpg
zv) Must had been Scary to be on This Road During the Fires!.JPG
zw) Post-Fire Sunset.JPG
zx) Ash Induced Sunset.JPG
zy) Fire in the Sky.JPG
zz) The Serious Look ;-).JPG
zza) Sunset From Our Town.JPG
zzb) The Mom's-Thanksgiving (Nov'08) at Nell's (Cypress Park Senior).JPG
zzc) Thanksgiving '08 (Diane, Brian+David).JPG
zzd) Siblings ML and Brian (offspring of Nell's).JPG
zze) Thanksgiving '08, the Guys.JPG
zzf) Denis, Brian and David.JPG
zzg) Thanksgiving '08, the Girls.JPG
zzh) Mary Lee (ML), Mirjam and Diane.JPG
zzi) ML, Paula (CareTaker) and Diane.JPG
zzj) Thanksgiving '08.JPG
zzk) Thanksgiving '08.JPG
zzl) (Dec'08) Christmas Day.JPG
zzm) Packing our Secret Santa gifts.JPG
zzn) And off to the Courtyard Cypress Anaheim.jpg
zzo) Settling in our HotelRoom Suite (1 night).JPG
zzp) Christmas Luxery.JPG
zzq) HallWay to BedRoom.JPG
zzr) David all Settled to Read ;-).JPG
zzs) PalmTrees, Rain and Nice View.JPG
zzt) Military Airbase in Distance-View of Runway.JPG
zzu) SunSet in Orange County.JPG
zzv) We better get going ;-).JPG
zzw) Christmas '08 at Nell's (and ML).JPG
zzx) Nice, thoughtfull and appreciated.JPG.JPG
zzz) Christmas '08.JPG
zzza) Christmas '08.JPG
zzzb) Christmas '08.JPG
zzzc) Christmas '08.JPG
zzzd) Christmas '08.JPG
zzze) Christmas '08.JPG
zzzf) Christmas '08.JPG
zzzg) Christmas '08.JPG
zzzh) Christmas '08.JPG
zzzi) Christmas '08.JPG
zzzj) Christmas '08.JPG
zzzk) Christmas '08.JPG
zzzl) Christmas '08.JPG
zzzm) Christmas '08.JPG
zzzn) Christmas '08.JPG
zzzo) Christmas '08.JPG
zzzp) Christmas '08.JPG
zzzq) Christmas '08.JPG
zzzr) Christmas '08.JPG
zzzs) Christmas '08.JPG
zzzt) Christmas '08.JPG
zzzu) Christmas '08.JPG
zzzv) The day after Christmas - The sun is Back ! ;-).JPG
zzzw) View of Snow From Orange Hill.JPG
zzzx) Enjoying the View.JPG
zzzy) From a top of Orange Hill.JPG
zzzz) Nice after the Rains.JPG
zzzza) Green and Clean.JPG
zzzzb) Fresh Snow in Distance.JPG
zzzzc) The Contrast of Southern California.JPG
zzzzd) 01-01-2009, Newyears day.JPG
zzzze) NewYears Drink + Dinner with mom in Oggi's - Garden Grove.JPG
zzzzf) There You Go, There's the Smile! ;-).JPG
zzzzg) The Newest Gossip Repeated.JPG
zzzzh) All in the Adorable Manner.JPG
zzzzi) Cheers!.JPG
zzzzj) (MOVIE)Mom has Something to Say ;-).jpg
zzzzk) The Picture of the (New) Year ! ;-).JPG