July - August 2008
a) Safety Measurements-LifeJacket for Mom.JPG
b) Cute.. ;-).JPG
c) Summer of 2008.JPG
d) Hi !.JPG
e) Enjoying a Swim.JPG
f) Posing with either Huey, Dewey, or Louie Duck.JPG
g) Eeeee ;-).JPG
h) David Testing The LifeJacket.JPG
i) and Re-Inserting the FilterPipes.JPG
j) Optical Illusion ;-).JPG
k) Mother and Son.JPG
l) What's Up Doc.JPG
m) SunSet (View from our Back Patio).JPG
n) David's Pride (Dragon Plant).JPG
o) Keeping An Eye On The BagelStore ;-).JPG
p) Weekend San Diego-Staying @ the Days Inn Harbor View.JPG
q) 1 Night (Room-UpperFloor).JPG
r) Days Inn Urban Activity.JPG
s) Amtrak (train) Passing By.JPG
t) 1 Mile From Down-Town San Diego.JPG
u) Direct View On San Diego Harbor.JPG
v) Nice Outlook.JPG
w) Zoomed In.JPG
x) At The Convention Center in DownTown (NCLR Annual Conference).jpg
y) Meeting up with Jenee!.JPG
z) Nice Persian Dinner @ GasLamp Quarter District.jpg
za) Posing With the Latest Edition of Motivos (Jenee-Founder of Magazine).JPG
zb) Pleasant Evening.JPG
zc) Picture Taken By Waiter.JPG
zd) After Dinner-Horton Plaza.JPG
ze) Cheers! ;-).JPG
zf) Jenee would be attending the Latino Expo USA until Tues 15 July.JPG
zg) Back in our HotelRoom - NightCap.JPG
zh) Self-Timer Recording ;-).JPG
zi) GoodyMorning! (View From HotelRoom).JPG
zj) Checking out.JPG
zk) Before Heading Back Home ...JPG
zl) .. Taking Few More Pictures ;-).JPG.jpg
zm) Straight Pose (btw Apt Background-David's Favorite ;-).JPG
zn) Outside David's Office - Secret Spot (Cell-Phone Picture).jpg
zo) David's Dutch Shirt.JPG
zp) Visiting Mom (and Paula,live-in Guest a la Caretaker).JPG
zq) Paua, ML and Lory.JPG
zr) Dave, ML and Lory.JPG
zs) Denis and ML.JPG
zt) The Hippies ;-) (MOVIE).jpg
zu) Their Lory Back in Cage.JPG
zv) Next To Paco.JPG
zw) After Tabling (After Dining).JPG
zx) Mom Determined To Clean the Pool Again.JPG
zy) Ducky Entertained as Usual.JPG
zz) David Taking Care of Business (MOVIE).jpg
zza) Huey, Dewey, and Louie Duck - Safe+Sound on Dry Land ;-).JPG