Pictures January - May 2008
a) Smiley Sunflower.jpg
b) Mirjam's Current Most Favorite Writer (Cell-PhonePic).jpg
c) What ;-) .jpg
d) David @ Work (cell-PhonePic).jpg
e) David @ Work (cell-PhonePic).jpg
f) Stage2 Winner TDF.jpg
g) On David's Break (cell-PhonePic).jpg
h) You've Got Your Water (cell-PhonePic).jpg
i) Crazy Woman (cell-PhonePic).jpg
j) Train Passing By David'sWork.jpg
k) Paco.jpg
l) RiemerWeek'08.jpg
m) Monterey-Northern California.jpg
n) @ The Hyatt Regency Monterey Resort.jpg
o) Sessions+Networking Events.jpg
p) WednesdayEvening,May 14.jpg
q) Monterey Bay Aquarium.jpg
r) River Otter Exhibit.jpg
s) Sleepy Time.jpg
t) Galleries+Exhibits.jpg
u) Colourful.jpg
v) And Weird Spieces...jpg
w) Swimming UFO's.jpg
x) Fish Schooling.jpg
y) The Outer Bay Wing.jpg
z) Private Dinner Buffet.jpg
za) Sharks+Other Open Ocean Animals (Cell-Phone Pic).jpg
zb) ThursdayEvening,May 15.jpg
zc) Networking Event @ Chateau Julien Wine Estate.jpg
zd) Marcel On the Left.jpg
ze) Sandy On the Left.jpg
zf) Appetizers+Barrel Wine Tastings.jpg
zg) Courtyard (Us In The Distance).jpg
zh) Chatting With Dan Riemer.jpg
zi) Dinner Is Calling.jpg
zj) In the Heart of the Winery.jpg
zk) Cellar.jpg
zl) Let The Door Be Opened.jpg
zm) And Seat Yourself.jpg
zn) Dinner and Housewine being served.jpg
zo) Marcel Entertaining Himself With His Camera (Cell-Phone Pic).jpg
zp) Mirjam,Not bad For A Cell-Phone ;-).jpg
zq) FridayNoon,FreeOfSessions-TouringThe17Miles.JPG
zr) Exploring The Area With Marcel and Sandy.JPG
zs) Beautiful Settting.JPG
zt) 17-Mile Drive Points of Interest.JPG
zu) Sandy+David, The Shimano Credit Delegation.JPG
zv) Sandy, David's Boss.JPG
zw) Cheers! ;-).JPG
zx) Spanish Bay.JPG
zy) Scenic Picnic Stop.JPG
zz) But for us Another Picture Stop ;-).JPG
zza) Marcel+David (MOVIE).jpg
zzb) Back from The Restless Sea.jpg
zzc) Wildlife On 17-Mile Drive.JPG
zzd) Seal Rock Picnic Area.JPG
zze) Bird Rock, Home to ShoreBirds+Groups of Harbor Seals+Sea Lions.JPG
zzf) Marcel in his Element ;-).JPG
zzg) The Crocker Grove.JPG
zzh) Granddaddy of all Monterey Cypress Located here.JPG
zzi) Respect For the Elderly ;-).JPG
zzj) The Lone Cypress.JPG
zzk) One of California's Most Enduring Landmarks.JPG.JPG
zzl) Prevailed on its Rocky Perch for over 250 Years...JPG
zzm) This Icon of Fortitude has Inspired many ...JPG
zzn) and is revered as the Eternal Symbol of Pebble Beach Company.JPG
zzo) Right ... ;-).JPG
zzp) The Icon of Strength.JPG
zzq) The Lodge at Pebble Beach-the Heart+Soul of Pebble Beach.JPG
zzr) .. and Home to the World-Famous Pebble Beach Golf Links.JPG
zzs) Carmel-by-the-Sea.jpg
zzt) Waiting For An Italian Restaurant To Open (Dinner).JPG
zzu) Giggle ;-).JPG
zzv) Serious Look ;-).JPG
zzw) Cute Beach Town ...JPG
zzx) Enjoying Ourselves.JPG
zzz) On The Way Driving Back Home (MOVIE).jpg