July 2015 - Loop San Bernardino County-Mojave, S-California
(breaking-in 'The Alice')
a) The Loop We Took (Irvine, Hesperia, Barstow, I-40, Ludow, R-66, Amboy, SR-62, I-10, Back to Irvine).jpg
b) Saturday Evening 18 July 2015, Checking-In SpringHill Suites Victorville Hesperia (Nice Room Suite & Hotel btw).JPG
c) Dinner At Appelbee's (Guess What! The Manager Recognized Us From Friday's, Rancho Santa Margarita - 10 Years ago!).jpg
d) Yep, We Tend To Make An Impression On People, So It Appears ...jpg
e) We Always Enjoying Ourselves, Taking Our Time To Drink and Dine.jpg
f) And .. Of Course Accompanied With Reading Material - We Love To Read! ;-).jpg
g) Mirjam's 1st Attempt Taking Panorama Pic With Iphone 6-Plus (Used To Have An Android).jpg
h) David Is A Pro By Now Taking Panorama Pictures, Now With Iphone 6 (We Purchased New Cellphone's In February, Switching Over To New Provider).jpg
i) Sunday 19 July 2015 - Hesperia, ParkingLot Hotel (Around Noon, Check-Out Time).jpg
j) Our New Pride, The Alice (Subura Outback 2015, Six Cylinder Engine).jpg
k) Bought A Month Ago - Brand New.jpg
l) For Past 6 Years We Contemplated Buying New Car, And We Finally Did It! ;-).jpg
m) Plenty Of Storage Room, Smooth & Sturdy Car (And A Lot Of New Techno Features Getting Used To! ;-).jpg
n) Several Road Trips, Itineraries In Mind Already! (America's National Parks etc.).jpg
o) I-40 East (Barstow - Ludlow).jpg
p) I-40 East (Barstow - Ludlow).jpg
q) Driving The Long Stretched Roads, Good For the Car! (Breaking-In).jpg
r) Rain Subduing BushFires Area's (San Bernardino Mountains) Yesterday, And Today Driving In The Dry Heat Of Majove Desert.jpg
s) The South-West, Diversity In Geological & Climate Regions - Perfect For the Alice! ;-).jpg
t) Traaaaaiiiiin !!!.jpg
u) Few Months Back The Alice Was On One of Those Trains, To Make It's Way To California (Train, Car-Truck, Local Subaru, Our Doorstep).jpg
v) A Stop In Ludlow, Mojave Desert.jpg
w) Ludow, Located On Route 66 (Just Off the I-40).jpg
x) Project Carryall - Atomic Energy Commision, The Nuclear Age ....jpg
y) Back To The Future (19th, 20th + 21st Century..).jpg
z) (Arti)facts Of The Past...jpg
za) Time-Travel ;-).jpg
zb) National Trails Hwy, Route 66.jpg
zc) National Trails Hwy, Route 66.jpg
zd) National Trails Hwy, Route 66.jpg
ze) National Trails Hwy, Route 66.jpg
zf) Approaching Some Serious RainClouds ...jpg
zg) Vicinity Twentynine Palms (Cleghorn Lakes + Sleephole Valley Wilderness Area, North Of Joshua Tree National Park Area).jpg
zh) Flood Warning and Road Obstructions Heading Our Way -the Alice Took Good Care Of Us ;-).jpg
zi) 2015-07-19 18.05.04.jpg
zj) 2015-07-19 18.05.07.jpg
zk) 2015-07-19 18.06.51.jpg
zl) 2015-07-19 18.06.54.jpg
zm) 2015-07-19 18.07.40.jpg
zn) 2015-07-19 18.07.43.jpg
zo) 2015-07-19 18.08.25.jpg
zp) Moreno Valley Valley.jpg
zq) Leeway Again! ;-) 2015-07-19 18.49.29 (Back Home Around 8pm).jpg